Prairie Peddler Antiques


INDIAN RYE BASKET. Nice late 19th early 20th century hand woven circular Indian basket with handle. Large ropes of rye woven together with split hickory straps. Top rim extends in a "v" shape to create a handle. Some wear along the top ring with fraying and with the handle. Measures 10.5" in diameter with a height of 5".


FOR SALE @ $65.00


APPLE BASKET. Early 20th century split pine double handled basket of tightly woven elements. Nice balanced basket of interactive weaves along the sides and bottom. One piece pair of handles. Measures 14" in diameter and 12.25" in height at top of the handles.

FOR SALE @ $65.00


SMALL PAINTED BASKET. Really cute, nice small size split hickory constructed basket. Featuring the classic "buttocks" shape on the underside. Bent wood handle secured to each side by nice banding. All in it's ORIGINAL blue/green paint and showing natural wear. It measures 7" in length with a height of roughly 5.5". Circa 1830-40.

FOR SALE @ $110.00

GATHERING BASKET. Very nice split wood 19th century flower gathering basket. Long and flat on the bottom with triangular sides and a single bent wood handle. This basket has some wear issues with some pieces missing, but still a fun basket. Measures 27.5" in length, 18" wide, and 14" tall.
FOR SALE @ $45.00