Prairie Peddler Antiques


PENN. REDWARE PLATE. Nice example of early to mid 19th century Pennsylvania pottery. Front surface is decorated with a yellow undulating line down the center with yellow stylized floral designs around the edge. The edge itself  features delicate, molded crimping around the rim. It's a shallow plate that measures 1.75" in height with a diameter of 10.5". In excellent condition with some very minor surface lost.
FOR SALE @ $350.00


MOCHA PITCHER. Great 19th century cream ware mocha shaped pitcher. Featuring thin bands of brown with large fields of green/blue and light blue. In those fields are the "earthworm" pattern of swirled blue/brown and white decoration. In good condition despite the age the age with natural wear on the spout and chips around the upper rim. There is a very early repair to the bottom of the applied handle. It measures 5.75" in height, 4" diameter of the top rim and 4.5 diameter at the base.
FOR SALE @ $285.00


STONEWARE JUG. Early 19th century American #2 "Worcester" tall ovoid saltglaze finished handled jug. Sandy color with a darker shade towards the bottom. Featuring a cobalt "tornado" design upon the upper half. Applied handle. In excellent condition that measures 13.75" in height and a base diameter of 9". Circa 1840.
FOR SALE @ $315.00


CREAMWARE TEA POT. Very nice example of late 18th century Leeds lidded tea pot. Sculpted spout with domed lid ending on a shaped stylized finial. In very good condition with some pieces missing from around the under base and the end of the tea spout. Obviously from years of wear, no doubt. Measures 6.34" in height with a base diameter of 4.5". Length from spout end to handle is approximately 9" across. Circa 1770.
FOR SALE @ $195.00