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CHILD'S CRADLE. Very nice early 19th century pine American child's cradle in original red wash paint. Flared design sides and high tombstone ends. Rockers are stylized with graceful edges and a strip of iron applied to the bottoms. Square nail construction and in very good condition with some natural wear. Measures 43.5" in length with a height of 25". Circa 1830.
FOR SALE @ $195.00

DOLL CRADLE. Nice 19th century small pine doll cradle in original black/blue paint. Tombstone head and foot pieces with graceful sweeping side panels atop pair of attached rockers. Measures18" in length, 9" in height at the headboard and 12" in width from runner edge to runner edge. Circa 1840 to 1850.
FOR SALE @ $65.00


PEWTER LIDDED TANKARD. Very nice 19th century English pewter tankard with the traditional "hourglass" shaped body and a heart shape style lid with Hallmarks incised on the lid along with the name "LONDON" in reverse. The shaped handle ends on top with a double notched thumb tab for opening the tankard. In very good condition with natural wear and pitting. Measures 9" in height and  5" in width at it's bulbous design.

FOR SALE @ $55.00


GLASS SCROLL FLASK.  A really nice early 19th century blown glass flask in the "violin" shape with scrolling decoration and a center star. In a blue/green color with some rough wear around the top of the spout. Otherwise it is excellent condition. Circa 1820.

FOR SALE @ $95.00



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