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TOLE PAINTED TRAY. A very nice small 19th century American tin tole painted tray with serpentine shaped edges. Black field with a stenciled, stylized image of fruit and flowers set in the center. A gold stenciled geometrical border follows the outer edge shape. Indented "handle" forms from below are visible on the ends. Condition is fair with some bending of the outer edge, but the paint and color is very good. Measures 11.75" in length and 8.5" in height. Circa 1840 to 1850.


FOR SALE @ $45.00

MASONIC APRON. Rare, exceptional mid to late 19th century Masonic apron complete with ownership provenance. Crisp clear lithograph graphics in the center with a columned alter flanked by a beehive on one side and an anchor on the other. The "all-seeing eye of Providence" looks over all from above. Narrow silver bullion fringe surrounds the edges. Apron made by Middleton & Wallace. Within the framed apron is set a tintype photo of the owner, Mr. William Riley Jones. Separate framed document shows the years he was petitioned for entrance to be a Masonic, when he was initiated, and the year of his death. Document is signed by the Secretary, Roy S. Wilson. All from the Madisonville, Kentucky,  Lodge No. 143. In excellent condition with some wear around the edges, some small stains but no holes. Framed measurements are 21.5" by 21.25".
FOR SALE @ $2,200.00

WOODEN HEARSE DRAPES. An exceptional and rare pair of American pine hearse curtains. Great carving depicting a set of open drapes with tie backs, delicate pleats and folds. Outside edges have insets for the insertion of them into the frame of the hearse buggy. All in a rich mahogany stain. Some crazing and dry wood cracks on one unit, but overall in excellent condition. Each curtain measures roughly 17.25" in length from the widest part and 32.25" in height. Circa 1840 to 1850.


FOR SALE @ $385.00/pair

TOLE TRAY. Great mid 19th century American original tole tray. Rectangular in shape with irregular grip openings at both ends. Around the outside bowed edge panel is a design of floral patterns in greens, yellows and reds. A small broken "bamboo" pattern lines the inside flat section of the tray surface. Measures 21.75" long and 16" wide. Circa 1850 to 1860.
FOR SALE @ $ 65.00

PAINTED PANTRY BOX. Nice 19th century small lidded black green painted pine pantry box. Side laps are fixed with small square headed tacks. Measures 2.75" in height and 6" in diameter.
Circa 1840 to 1850.
FOR SALE @ $65.00



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