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NEW ENGLAND FIRKIN. Great 19th century American wood handled Firkin in original green/yellow paint. Features nice stenciled floral design on the center of the lid with more stenciling on the upper rim closest to the opening. Arched handle in black paint attached by wooden pegs. Interior color is original khaki green with nice "mustard" color for the outside. In very good condition with no major paint loss. Just normal wear and tear. Circa 1830-40.

FOR SALE @ $685.00


AMERICAN BARN LANTERN. Really great early 18th century Boston wood and blown glass candled lantern. Square shape with glass on all four sides. Wood peg construction holds the top and bottom panels with the sides. Crude bent wood handle and tin triangular accents around the smoke release. Flip latch to hold the door closed with a simple door handle to open with. Tin candle mount on the inside. Door hinges are not connected to the frame wall from constant use. One pane of original glass shows a crack but still intact within the door. Otherwise condition is excellent. Shows signs of original red wash color all over.

FOR SALE @ $485.00


TIN DOCUMENT CARRIER. This is a mid to late 19th century American tin circular document carrier used by the "Pony Express" during it's operation. Features convexed ends with wide center opening and a double hinged door with original clasp. The item, though is missing it's locking latch. Original, fixed wooden handle. Measures 19" in length and 6" in circumference.

FOR SALE @ $135.00



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