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PAINTED ONE DRAWER STAND. Exceptional early 19th century American painted one drawer stand. Overall paint is of a red/brown with yellow accents. Nice broken pediment scrolled gallery with a painted center round medallion. Side galleries feature the same scrolling shape. Shaped edge table top over a single drawer case. Highlighted in painted yellow ovals flanking the center drawer that has the red/brown border around a yellow field with the same red/brown paint design on both sides of the drawer knob. Nicely tapered legs also in the red/brown paint. Measures 36" tall, 25" wide and 18" in depth. Circa 1820.
FOR SALE @$4,500.00


LEATHER AND BRASS LIDDED BOX.  Very early 19th century American leather document box with it's original covering and secured by original brass studding. Lid features original brass stud design around it's original strap handle. Early iron escechon locking mechanism with iron locking clasp. Interior features original wallpaper and newspaper lining. Condition is fair with some wear showing. Measures 11.5" wide, 7.5" in depth and 5.5" in height.

FOR SALE @ $165.00

CANDLE MOLD. Great and rare 19th century nine candle tin candle mold. Classic tubular design that end in a taper. Raised rimmed top and boxed base. Double applied handles on two sides. In very good, sturdy condition with some surface issues and some bings. Measures 11.5" in height, with a top tray measurement of 4.5" x 3.5". Circa 1850 to 1860
FOR SALE @ $125.00

YARN WINDER. Wonderful early 19th century American standing yarn winder in original green paint. Three footed base that holds a vertical frame in which the four armed winder sits and spins from. Each of the arms has four angled holes where four longs pegs can be moved and placed to adjust the size of the yarn being wound. Each arm also has two protruding "ears" near the center with an original tin strap tacked in to hold the arms together. In very good condition with some wear all over and in it's original green paint.
Circa 1830 to 1840.
FOR SALE @ $275.00



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