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PAIR CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS. Great pair of 18th century country New England Chippendale side chairs. Shield-back chairs with vertical fanned slats with center medallions. Straight square legs with four stretchers and a slight splay to the back legs following the splay of the chair backs. Exposed front leg knuckles on top with a later rush woven seat. Each chair measures 37.5" in height, 20" in width and a depth of 18".
Circa 1770 to 1780.

FOR SALE @ $595.00/pair

NEW HAMPSHIRE CANDLE STAND. Wonderful early 19th century maple American candle stand. Square top with shaped opposite ends. One set is simply a rounded edge with the other a "petal" shape design. Nicely turned tapered shaft ending on three gracefully shaped legs and proportionate slipper feet. Measures 27.75" high and a top dimension of 15.5" x 15.75". Circa 1820 to 1830.
FOR SALE @ $325.00

SIGNED AMERICAN HATCHEL. A small in size hatchel consisting of a set of iron pointed pronged protrusions from a block of pine wood, originally used to pull thru flax or wool before being put onto a loom then to be spun into a fabric. This has a pegged constructed lid to cover the prongs when not in use. What's great about this item is that along the one side of the wood where the molded metal base is wrapped around to help hold the prongs in place is physically indented with the initials of "H.W.N" and the date "1800". Measures 12" in length and 5" in height. Dated 1800.
FOR SALE @ $65.00


PEWTER HOT WATER CADDIE. Unusual early 19th century 6 sided pewter canister meant for holding hot water. Massive pewter molded handle attached to a screw-top lid. Hallmarks on the top and on the bottom stating 1820 as the year.

FOR SALE @ $185.00



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