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AMERICAN HATCHEL. Another unique New England 19th century lidded hatchel. A pine plank with a set of iron spikes protruded from the reverse side used to pull thru flax or dense wool to thin it before it is put onto a spinner and turned into thread. A crude construction with square nails and uneven cut edges, definitely one of a kind, made by someone who had the skill and need. Measures 23" length and 6" in height.
Circa 1830 to 1840.
FOR SALE @ $110.00

PUNCHED TIN POT. Beautiful early 19th century American punched tin coffee pot. Pennsylvania double inverted cone shaped with punched tulip center design and a band of interwoven punched lines circling. Hinged lid with a brass knob. Classic elongated spout with split end and gentle curved handle. In excellent condition with some minor rust on the bottom side. Measures 11.5" tall and a base diameter of 6.25".
Circa 1840.
FOR SALE @ $685.00

CHERRY CANDLE STAND. Great early 19th American cherry candle stand with a single board circular top over a nicely turned bulbous shaft ending in nice bent legs with slipper feet. Old repair on one leg at the attachment onto the base. Original wrought iron braces on the bottom. Measures 18.5" in diameter and a height of 26". Circa 1830.
FOR SALE @ $225.00

SACK BACK WINDSOR CHAIR. Really great early 19th century American New England Windsor arm chair. Simple cylindrical spindles below a single bent arched sack back top leading to a shaped seat with a continued single arm support. Turned arm stays and nicely turned matching splayed legs. Paint is not original but an old re-paint with some natural wear on the arm ends. An old repair on the one arm rest. Measures 36" in height with an arm width of 25" and a seat width of 20". Circa 1830 to 1840.
FOR SALE @ $875.00



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