WAX PORTRAIT. An excellent late 18th century 3D mid-chest portrait of a gentleman. Completely carved out of wax with dimensional features all over. Rising about .25" from it's background. Great detail a in the coat, hair and face. Specifically the eyes. All hand painted. It is framed in a circular wood frame with convex glass over the raised image. Frame measures 6.25" in diameter while the wax image measures 4.5" in diameter. Circa:1788.
FOR SALE @285.00


SHEEP PAINTING. Peaceful late 19th to early 20th century oil on canvas painting of a herd of sheep in a field. Signed by a listed American artist, "H. Rohde" In very good condition with some crazing all over and some minor flaking on the upper left corner. All in original frame and canvas stretcher. Frame measures 16.75" x 12.75" with a canvas size of 14" x 10.25".
FOR SALE @ $395.00


NAUTICAL PAINTING. Mid to late 19th century oil on board depiction of  two early sailing ships, possibly in a race. Painted in muted colors with primitive detail of a choppy sea and a stormy sky. All in it's original pine frame. Square nails on the reverse side holding the board in it's frame. Probably made for the Chinese trade market to the west. Frame size measures 22.5" x 18.5" with a board size of 20" x 15.5".
FOR SALE @ $485.00